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Reasons Why Your Salon Business Need Smart ERP Software

Reasons Why Your Salon Business Need Smart ERP Software

Salon or Spa is a relaxing therapy and people enjoy being into that space after getting grinded by the day to day activities. They have no business finding out, how much blood and sweat you put every day or what is going on under the table at the reception or behind the curtains. They just want to have a leisure time without getting involved in your salon processes.

As a salon owner, only you know how much it takes to manage your staff, finances, or other operational activities; you dedicate everything to make your salon brand, a life-renewing thing and when it comes to customers, you have to be extra careful to fulfill customers' expectations. If it didn't happen, you have to undergo heavy losses.

Simply, a pedicure or a haircut may not be a big deal for you, but it means a lot to someone who enters your salon feeling tired and want to get refreshed and look beautiful. We know that it takes a lot to maintain that – not just in terms of the staff you hire. Now, customers too have technological expectations from businesses they interact, especially in service and hospitality business, where customers want to schedule their appointment easily, can make cashless payments, and that's where a smart ERP Salon software comes into the picture.

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Let us now discuss, how salon ERP software can organize and build a successful spa and salon business.

Understand your Business Needs

Yes, it may sound cliche but without knowing your business needs, you won't be able to choose the most appropriate or compatible software for your salon business. If you haven't crafted any parameters of your business needs, you can simply do it by answering the following questions:

  • Do I want my customers to book online appointments?

  • Do I want my customers to choose the services and staff of their choice?

  • Do I want the concept of online payment?

  • Will I be selling retail products? If so, you’d need inventory software that tracks everything.

  • Do I need a loyalty program for my customers?

  • Do I have to promote my business online through social media marketing?

If all the answers to the above questions are YES then, considerably your salon business needs feature-rich Salon ERP software that can enhance the workability of your business and cut down the manual efforts.

Exclusive Features That Your Salon & Spa Business Need

After getting answers of all the questions, you might have got a better idea of what are the things that you need to incorporate in your salon and spa software, now it is time we discuss the different features and their programming that can help your salon business grow massively.


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Online Booking

As a salon/spa owner you must consider adding an online booking feature for the comfort of your customers. It is convenient for your client as well as for you to track appointments and schedule them according to customer’s convenience and staff availability. This feature eliminates your hectic front desk task of keeping records on paper and the fear of getting your coffee spilled. With the use of salon and spa software, canceled bookings and vacant spots are automatically filled followed by another booking without having to put any manual efforts.

Once a client books an appointment, your spa and salon software will automatically handle appointment scheduling efficiently and effectively. A few clicks are enough to record the client's appointment. The great thing about having an intelligent salon software is that your clients will book appointments on the digital platform with zero chances of any booking conflicts either in staff, service or time constraint. Booking records can be viewed, downloaded, and reminders can be set.

Customer Management

Customers are the heart of your business hence, it is essential to offer them what they seek. With the help of salon and spa software like Jeavm, you can potentially improve the overall experience of your clients by delivering them relevant info about your salon and the services. Besides this, you can also manage the client’s history including their personal information, their frequency of visit, services they have taken and more.

Inventory Tracking

If you have a retail segment in your salon and spa business then, there are plenty of things that need consideration while selling your merchandise. The inventory of your business is managed by the POS (Point-of-Sale) system, which automatically tracks your stock and generates automated invoices when the same is done manually it can create a lot of difficulties and the chances of human-error gets higher.

Automated Accounting

With ever-changing technology, various aspects of businesses are getting automated whether it be the accounting part or the marketing. Salon and spa software cut down all the manual efforts of maintaining registers, it automatically generates bill receipts and perform real-time tracking and auditing of your day to day accounts & balance sheet.


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Staff Management

With the help of this software, you can quickly access data from sales to staff productivity with every minute details such as – staff availability and workload, attendance, leaves, perks, login time, quality of work, etc.


Marketing was never this easy before. Having a salon and spa software on-board enables you to know the likes and dislikes of a customers. Based on the collected data, you can send alluring offers, discounts, rewards through SMS or email.

Safety & Security

Since technology has got invariably advanced and there is a continuous fear of data breaching and hacking. Once your business gets integrated into the POS system, you don't have to worry about your company's confidential data because everything is safe. By investing in a smart and scalable salon and spa software, you can choose and create roles for other representatives who can access the personal data.

Analyze Performance

The powerful and approachable dashboard can allow you to track the overall performance of your salon and spa business. You can easily set monthly/annual targets and compare them with previous data in real-time. Not only that, but you can also set certain benchmarks for the different departments and track growth. This helps in planning future marketing strategies.

Whether your business has a single location or has multiple locations, if you have a smart and approachable Salon and Spa Software, you can do so much for the growth of your business. With the use of a comprehensive ERP software solution, you can offer your salon and spa an extensive reach through online booking, appointment scheduling, staff management, inventory tracking, instant accounting, and marketing that helps businesses to get organized and make a mark in their industry.

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