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Recent ransomware attacks show the true value of data backups

Recent ransomware attacks show the true value of data backups

After a series of recent ransomware attacks, a major question has arisen in the tech world. What to do in case of an attack and how should a company protect itself from such attacks? Ransomware has been in existence for years and the whole world has put this issue into complete focus. The chances of getting hit by a ransomware attack are high and it is going to get even worse in the future but there are ways to gain survival from it and we have seen some examples as well, where companies saved themselves from paying the ransom. Cloud-based  backup and disaster recovery can be used to backup the data for the safety of data.

Prevention; Regular Backups

The best way to beat ransomware is by backing up your data to the cloud or to a secure off-site location regularly. It is like preparation before the attack. Data backups and protection strategies are critical for mitigating the damage caused by ransomware attacks.

It is also recommended to verify the integrity of these backups and to ensure that they are secured. This is ensured fully by making sure that backups are stored or ‘backed up’ in a separate off-site environment, as ransomware can infect backup copies as well.

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There are many Cloud Vendors who offer backup services (for e.g. StoneFly DR365 & DR365V, Veeam backup for Azure) for the protection against ransomware and other cyber threats which includes encryption, detection of abnormalities and threat identification. This is because backups alone cannot protect against ransomware, this is why other techniques are used in combination to ensure ultimate protection, like, Pattern detection alerts.

How do they help?

Cloud Backs, simply put, put all of your data and applications and servers to the cloud. Where they can be restored and recovered at the time of the attack. So, even if you are struck by a ransomware attack, you can simply recover all your data in a matter of minutes, even if you are locked out of your primary systems. This ensures bossiness continuity and there is no need to pay a huge amount of ransom to these attackers in order to gain access to your data, which by the way is not guaranteed even if you do manage to pay the ransom in the first place.


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Ransomware attacks are on the rise and are as deadly as they seem and protection against them is critical. No one wants to be ‘locked out’ of their systems so it’s best to be prepared beforehand and setup a good efficient reliable cloud backup and recovery plan which ensures the protection of your mission-critical data. 

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