What is React Native? 

It is a JavaScript framework used for writing real, natively rendering applications to be implemented on various platforms. Now let us take time to define certain terms to give us a better understanding of the topic. 

  • Framework: This is a platform used for developing software applications, it is the foundation upon which software developers build programs on a given platform for a specified purpose. It may include libraries, compiler, predefined classes, and functions that are used to manage hardware devices, process data and interact with system software. There are several frameworks which include .NET & ActiveX for Windows, Cocoa & Cocoa Touch for iOS and Android Application Framework for Android with each having their corresponding Software Development Kits (SDKs).
  •  JavaScript: It is a high-level, multi-paradigm, scripted programming language that is used to create and control dynamic website content. It is used to add interactivity to websites, develop mobile applications, create web browser based games and also for back end web development. 
  • Native code: It may also be referred to as host language. It is a computer programming code which is written and compiled to run a specific processor (such as Intel x86-class processor and its set of instructions). In other words, the written language is compiled to a machine code which is native or optimized for a specific system or machine such that no runtime is required. The program can be implemented with an emulator in order to run it on a different processor which may perform slower than it would in its native environment. For example, assembly only uses binary (0 or 1) so codes written in other languages require them to be translated into the native language in order for it to be read by the processor.
  • JavaScript framework: is an application framework written in JavaScript used for task-solving that provides developers with functions, full templates for websites or web applications for their convenience. They make it possible for a programmer to make an application responsive. Examples of popular JavaScript framework include Angular, React, Vue.js, Ember.js, Node.js, Polymer etc. 
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React Native is written using a mixture of JavaScript and XML files, known as JSX. They allow developers create truly native apps and does not compromise on user’s experience also providing a core set of platform agnostic native components that directly map to the platform’s native user interface building blocks Majority of the code written are cross-platform and it may also be used in production for user-facing applications. 

Some benefits of using React Native include:

  • Code and knowledge sharing: It allows developers reuse code, shrink resources to build application and knowledge sharing. This helps developers save a lot of time, accelerating the speed of development as a result of pre-developed components available in the open-source library. It also curtails the cost of app development.
  • Great community support: Since React Native is an open-source platform where developers contribute to the framework, it is easy to access any content and developers take full advantage of the community-driven technology. The support is also useful as people can share their experiences and portfolios to grow as developers. 
  • Hot and live reload: This is one of the most attractive features of the React Native. Hot reload is based on the Hot Module Replacement (HMR) which puts updates files into specific place even when the app is still running. It allows modification of source code without recompilation. Live reload is another feature which is usually misinterpreted with the hot reload, it is a tool that helps in compiling and reading the file where the developer had made changes.
  • Cost effective: It makes project cost more affordable as one doesn’t have to employ a very large development team to get any job done. It also helps clients with small budget develop applications on various platforms easily.
  • Interface: It also offers very simple mobile user interface making it being viewed to be more of a JavaScript library rather than a framework. It has responsive UI designs and reduces the time taken to load a page.
  • Modular architecture: It breaks down program functions into various different and interchangeable blocks known as modules. This technique makes development more flexible and ensures better communication and coordination with each other to achieve the given objective.
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React native has a very diverse ecosystem which is very underestimated, so many developers still work with poor CLIs, outdated and underperforming libraries when there is a lot to look at from this ecosystem which include:

  • Local Databases: It has a couple of options for database where you can store your data locally or dynamically. Most apps need offline-online sync support such that data stored locally is synced online and most times it must be properly cached and store such information. They support size controlling, automatic syncing and discarding of expired data, and querying batch data. Some of the popular databases are Realm, Firebase, SQLite, Pouch DB, Couchbase, Watermelon DB, React Native iCloud Store etc.
  • Navigation: There are three navigational solutions provided which include Navigator, NavigatorOS and Navigation Experimental (this has been depreciated over time). To develop a truly cross-platform application, some high-performance JavaScript based modules that are used include React Navigation, React Native Router Flux, Re-route Native, Native-Navigation, Wix Navigation or React Native Navigation, React Router Navigation, React Native Scrollable Tab View (used for only android), and React Native Animated Tab.
  • Backend: They include RN Firebase, Baqend, RN Back, Graph Cool, and Feather. They support authentication, performance monitoring, real-time databases, storage, user management, access control and crash reporting. 
  • Authentication and Authorization: Used to secure your application against unauthorized access and you can use Auth0, React Native App Auth, and React Native Simple Auth. 
  • Deep Linking: Use of a hyperlink that links to a specific, indexed piece of web content on a website. Tools for implementing deep linking include, Firebase Dynamic Links, Clever Tap, AppsFlyer, Urban Airship, and PushWoosh.
  • Virtual Reality: Tools for VR include React VR, React Native 360, and Viro VR etc.
  • Augmented Reality: Tools for augmented reality include Viro AR, Expo AR, Augment and Argon.
  • Security and Encryption: It is necessary to store confidential information without giving access to any third-party. Libraries used include React Native Keychain, and React Native Sensitive Info.
  • Text Editors and IDEs: They include Nuclide, Exponent, Deco, Android Studio, Sublime Text, Web Storm, Visual Studio, ATOM and XCode.
  • State Management: Includes Redux, MobX, Relay and Alt.
  • Testing & Automation: Tools include Detox, Enzyme, Mocha, Loki, Applum, Robotium, Jest, Jasmine, Bridge and BitBar.
  • UI Frameworks and Boilerplates: Frameworks include Carbon UI, Ignite UI, Trixie, Native Base, BuilderX, Nachos, Tea Set, Panza, React Native Element, React Native UI Kitten, React Native Material Design, Shoutern, Tachyons UI, Ant Design Mobile and Snowflake.

Final Thoughts
React Native with its tools and libraries has a lot to offer developers and it is an exciting framework that helps create robust applications. It offers more efficient code sharing, faster mobile development and end-user experience quality is guaranteed. It is still a work in progress with certain uncertainties but it is excellent for implementation of application across various platforms.  


React Native – A popular framework for building Native apps


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