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Russia plans to send its first humanoid robot to International Space Station

Russia plans to send its first humanoid robot to International Space Station

A US Newsweek site report demonstrates Russia's first endeavor of propelling a humanoid robot into space without precedent for the Roscosmos history. Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities, regularly known as Roscosmos uncovered its arrangement to arrive on the Moon with robots in 2016. It as of late shared its tentative arrangements and the principal look of its humanoid robot through a video. 

The Skybot F-850 will assume responsibility for the Alliance MS-14 shuttle and will start its adventure to the International Space Station on August 22, 2019, and will profit to Earth for Sept. 7, 2019. 

The Director-General of Russian Federal Space Agency Dmitry Rogozin shared a video of the robot's shooting in 2017 that created an uproar yet later Dmitry explained saying that they are making a robot that could do ponder in all fields. 

… are not making the 'eliminator', yet making computerized reasoning with incredible commonsense essentialness in all fields – Dmitry Rogozin, Director General of Russian Federal Space Agency. 

As of late the office has shared a video of the robonaut (nicknamed Fedor), in which Fedor is seen driving a vehicle, strolling, siphoning iron and utilizing force instruments. Fedor (Final Experimental Demonstration Research) is a 6 ft tall anthropomorphous machine that can do ponders after cautiously watching and impersonating human exercises, for example lift up to 20 kg of freight, can slither, take and leave a driver's seat, use power devices and even get up in the wake of tumbling down. A Daily Mail report proposes that the robonaut is intended to help in settling down human bases on the Moon and different planets. 

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First we will send a humanoid robot to the moon. After we have contemplated every one of the dangers and figured out how to react, we will send individuals to the moon – By Dmitry Rogozin on Roscosmos' future arrangement with Fedor. 

Fedor will assume control over the administrator's seat of F-850 and take it to the ISS. Subsequent to remaining there for a week and a half, it will join the Russian space explorers to test the space explicit human framework. Space explorer Alexander Skvortsov will work Fedor allegedly. 

Fedor is imperative to supplant the absolute most risky assignments. This dispatch will be in co-activity with the human framework. In the principal stage, the Co-activity is relied upon to enable us to further enter diastant space – Via Rogozin on Fedor and the mission to the ISS. 

The report says that Fedor will watch and voicing flight parameters during the dispatch and the battle, and at the phase of entering the circle, it should decide the estimation of the over-burden and the beginning of zero gravity. Alexander Bloshenko remarks on the robonaut's high cleverness and conveying aptitudes. 

… like any individual, skybot f-850 is entirely amiable and has a comical inclination… as I have referenced previously, it can bolster any point of discussion and answer an assortment of inquiries: from inviting comments, proceeding with a discourse about its makers and consummation with the way of thinking of room – Alexander Bloshenko on Fedor's aptitudes. 

He likewise said that there are various calculations to guarantee the wellbeing of Fedor in the ISS that will guarantee its protected development on the space station. After it returns home, the outcomes will be investigated, and Blosenko is trusting that this outcome will decide both the destiny of Fedor and plans of voyages to space.

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