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Stay Safe with Safety Tips on Golden Triangle Tours

Stay Safe with Safety Tips on Golden Triangle Tours

If your dream of going on the golden triangle tours india is getting materialized and you are highly excited about it, it is a great thing but you need to understand some important aspects related to your safety. There are some important tips that are going to come further in the article and you must follow them if you want to continue your experiences of having fun on the golden triangle towards the three beautiful cities including Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur.

Least Exposure

You must understand that you are not supposed to wear revealing clothes while you are on the golden triangle to us because you will have to walk a lot and it will be very difficult for you to manage with the score things can son who will be all set and willing to tan your skin. You must understand that it is very necessary for you to keep yourself covered. It will also cause other problems to you like dehydration and because of which you will only be bedridden or you will have to stay under the shade. You will not all be allowed to move out in the sun because you will faint.

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Don't Walk Alone

You are also required to take care of the fact that you must not go anywhere without the permission of your guide for elders if you are a tourist to any place in the world. It can be risky for your life and belongings that you have. There can be an attack on you to buy the local goons if you are not paying attention or you are not trained to handle such situations physically. It is a good idea to be along with everyone and especially the guide.

Non-Acceptance of Food by Strangers

This is one of the commonest advise that all the Indian parents have been giving to their children since their childhood but when you go to Rajasthan it might seem of no use when you go to Chokhi Dhani and Nakhrali Dhani like places in Rajasthan or Jaipur, there will be professionals who will treat you so well that they will ask you to eat so many things. You may have an impression on your mind that it is the culture of Rajasthan and it is common and natural. You need to understand that you may fall prey to some notorious groups or gangs who are willing to take your belongings or harm you on the tour.

Avoid Local Transport

When you go on a tour using the services of a systematic tour operator, you will be given the transport facilities which will be your private transport. You will have your cards on the tour that will be exclusively for you and therefore you must not use the local transport at all unless it is asked by the guide. There can be some mishap in case you use public transport other than the transport allotted for you. Either you are on delhi to agra by car or any other tour; you must stick to the transport facility available by the tour operator only.

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