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Stunning Blouse Designs with Stonework

Stunning Blouse Designs with Stonework

 India is a country valued for its cultural and natural wealth. In addition to food, landscapes and traditions, this country is the cradle of a large group of talented artisans and designers. A select group of artists who have attracted the attention of the world and inspired a few thanks to their technique and ability with materials.

A sari is one of the traditional dress in India and every woman like to wear it.  When going to buy a sari, blouse plays an important role. As good looking and properly sewed blouse give different look to the sari. There are different designs for the blouse in the market.

To choose the right bridal blouse for your wedding sari, you must carefully plan each and every aspect of the design of the Indian bridal blouse directly from the material, style, colour and sewing style. You can get a great discount on

When you are looking for exclusive blouse designs on the back of the neck, the back neck patch can offer you something extraordinary. Patchwork can be done in many ways and you can get the widest range of blouses with this unique work style. You can get great discount on clothing online using Pipa Bella offers.

Being available in so many designs and varieties, patchwork blouse designs can be ideal for party and wedding, as well as for regular or even office use. Here is a collection of blouse designs on the back of the neck with Stonework that you can use as a reference to choose the one that best suits your taste and purpose.

Stonework blouse work back collar design in contrasting colours

This blouse wears completely contrasting clothing colours like patchwork. The self-designed base part has been added with a solid top to obtain a magnificent appearance. The blouse includes Kundan work to highlight the edges and the line of the back neck.

Design of the back of the triangular Stonework work blouse

This exclusive Stonework blouse has a base fabric made with a square mast that has then been a move to a triangular shape by patching lighter colour dress from both sides. The same mosaic is present in the sleeves too. The blouse also uses stones to highlight the patched part and there are cords to join the two sides at the top.

Patchwork work blouse back neck design with highlighted edges

The green material has been used on the sides of the back and the violet material has been used to make the middle part of the back, as well as the sleeves. The use of thick white edges on the neckline gives a pronounced appearance. A strip of a third material has been used on the wide waist strap to highlight.

Back neck design of the Airhostess mid-air hostess blouse

This beautiful blouse uses patchwork to get her to look. The entire middle part of the back has been patched with the sides and sleeves that are made of a different material. The blouse has a hostess neck with a thin middle stripe and the neck is attached with a button. The blouse has medium length sleeves.

Stylish work blouse based on back neck design blouse

The back collar of this blouse has a simple "U" cut. What makes it look extraordinary is the intelligent use of patches and gold beads. Two different materials have been patched alternately to make this blouse return to its design. The waistline of the blouse has an inverted "v" shape and there is a floral decoration in the centre of the waist strap. This blouse is an ideal party and wedding clothes.

Contrast blouse with turtleneck and Stonework

This blouse is perfect for weddings and parties. It has a magnificent appearance and can be combined with any stylish sari. The back neck cut is wider in the middle and ends in a narrowing in the thick waist strap. The two sides continue to the waistline, while the middle part of the waist strap includes a gold-plated paisley design that gives the blouse a perfect party look. You can get the latest free job alert updates from fresh hiring.

Stonework blouse with open neck design

This blouse includes patchwork and openwork to get its look. The decorations have been patched on the base material and the neckline of the back has been accentuated by the use of draft in the design. The back neck cut has an interesting shape with a thinner waist strap that stands out in a temple design in the back cut. The laces with latkans complete the appearance.

One can choose any of above mention design for their blouse to give a special look to their dress.


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