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Tesla to allow MCU upgrade for older Model S and X for better gaming experience

Tesla to allow MCU upgrade for older Model S and X for better gaming experience

Elon Musk dropped a few reports on Twitter throughout the end of the week, covering a few parts of Tesla's vehicles. Among these are the discharge date for firmware Version 10, the uncovering of the Tesla Pickup Truck, a few games that are going to the Tesla Arcade, and even a Media Control Unit (MCU) retrofit that will be made workable for more established Model S and Model X vehicles. 

Musk's remarks come in the midst of cooperations on Twitter about the Tesla Arcade's new titles, which incorporate energizing games, for example, Cuphead and Fallout Shelter. While reacting to a Tesla proprietor who expressed that he would be glad to pay for a MCU and LTE redesign for his vehicle, Musk reacted that it would without a doubt be conceivable to retrofit more established Model S and X units with organization's fresher MCUs. 

Giving MCU update choices to more seasoned Model S and Model X will further stress the possibility that Teslas are vehicles that just improve after some time. It would, for one, permit even the organization's more established vehicles to access probably the most up to date highlights found in autos delivered today, including the developing library of titles in the Tesla Arcade. 

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MCUs in Model S and Model X vehicles created before March 2018 are furnished with 2011-time NVIDIA Tegra-3 chips, which functioned admirably for the vehicles' fundamental highlights however needed smoothness and speed contrasted with the Model 3's Intel-controlled MCU. Tesla presented a more up to date, quicker MCU for the Model S and Model X in March 2018, somewhat as an approach to guarantee that the media units of its vehicle lineup share a similar speed and execution. 

While affirming the rollout of the fresher equipment, Tesla noted then that the more up to date media units were a piece of the organization's reliable drive to consistently improve its vehicles. In an announcement to Teslarati, the electric vehicle creator additionally clarified that the new MCUs would not significantly influence the client experience of its vehicles. 

Tesla had the option to cradle the presentation inconsistency between its more established and more current MCUs by revealing a product update that upgraded the exhibition of pre-March 2018 media units. See that this made the UI of MCU1 vehicles nearly as smooth as the fresher, Intel-controlled units, later highlights, for example, the Tesla Arcade were in the long run made select to autos outfitted with post-March 2018 MCUs. 

It ought to be noticed that Elon Musk has referenced a MCU retrofit choice for more seasoned Model S and Model X vehicles before. "Indeed, you can overhaul equipment, despite the fact that we likewise composed programming to quicken rendering on old MCU. Turning out soon and makes a major diff," Musk tweeted as a reaction to a Tesla proprietor who inquired as to whether he could retrofit his vehicle with the fresher media unit. With his ongoing remarks, maybe a MCU retrofit for more established vehicles would to be sure be all together.

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