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The changing face of SEO

The changing face of SEO

SEO has been the focal point for so many website owners, for a while now. Previously, it was about Keyword stuffing and research for high website ranking. Thus, very few site owners paid attention to the quality of content they publish on their pages as long as you achieved the keyword requirements. Many succeeded and the reason is that the main search engines like Google was not as stringent with its rules as it is today. You could easily trick their bots with lots of keywords and get away with it. Such sites have come tumbling down with algorithm changes that have changed the face of SEO.

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Major algorithm changes

Recently, Google introduced panda and penguin, major algorithm changes which have knocked down websites that ranked so highly. With such, a site that got so comfortable with those black hat SEO techniques like spammy backlinks, link farms, keyword stuffing, and article spinning is nowhere to be seen in the search engine ranking. These are some of the practices that you must abstain from if you are to remain relevant. You should built links from good blogs like: Widetopics or

Focus on user experience (UX)

What will make your website achieve its purpose is its relevance and ability to give solutions to the visitors. Webmasters have been pushed to doing a better job with the crackdown of black hat SEO. The websites’ content as improved and every site owner are doing their best to ensure excellent user experience.  UX is now a major SEO ranking parameter and every webmaster must ensure they have what the site visitors are looking without a struggle. This can be achieved not only by having quality content but also ensuring that there are clear site navigation elements appropriate fonts and faster loading time. Long tail-keywords serve the user intent better and therefore are also preferred. If your site’s user experience is perfect, then you can be sure of lots of traffic and many will stay long on your site.


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Smarter online users

Online users know what they want and you can tell this through the kind of queries they pose. When one is looking for some information, they’ll even write an entire statement instead of just a word. These are not the days you could have a single word Keyword and you are good to go. Customers are more informed and don’t want to waste time online. Thus they’ll look for that specific information. Search engines, therefore, have no problem with processing long and specific queries. Thus your designer must ensure that your website is designed to accommodate for such.

Use of Backlinks

With so many changes in SEO, the use of backlinks has remained untouched due to the role they play in giving website credibility. Your ranking on search engines will also depend so much on the quality of your backlinks.  Webmasters have shifted from having so many of these backlinks but providing a few quality ones. Again, you have to pay more attention to backlinks from high domain authority sites that are trusted by searchers and search engines.

Search engine optimization continues to change and the most important thing for you as a site owner is to engage a reliable SEO Agency who will ensure your site remains up-to-date with the market trends. 

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