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Tips for Developing Fresh Content Ideas

Tips for Developing Fresh Content Ideas

Description: Coming up with fresh content ideas is a challenge many marketers have to face in their efforts to optimize typical content marketing campaigns. We discuss a few tips to develop new content ideas.

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A rather silent problem currently hitting content writers and digital marketers hard is the lack of fresh content topics to cover. For digital marketing teams which work in niches like sports and daily news, getting new content ideas is seldom a problem. In most other niches though, it is up to digital marketers and content writers to create content which sets the narrative for the entire industry.

Content is the fuel which powers a digital marketing campaign. Without a regular stream of content being created and posted on a website, website traffic and search rankings fall and derail a given digital marketing campaign.

With a dearth of fresh content ideas, problems which arise due to a lack of content posting only exacerbate. The importance of content is not something which digital marketers need to be reminded. A highly paid marketing executive at an MNC knows the value of content as much as a young student at a digital marketing training.

In this article, we discuss how digital marketers can find and develop fresh content ideas to shore up the content marketing profile of a brand.

Experiment with New Patterns of Content

When content writers work within a set pattern of blog posts, finding new ways to create content is naturally difficult. Most content marketers tend to settle down on a set format of content. For example, any given website tends to follow a set format of a given article such as a two hundred word introduction followed by the main body typically four to six hundred words long and finally a hundred-word conclusion.

Working in such a set pattern can be a bit too shackling for a typical content marketing team. To solve this problem, the content marketing topics should approach old topics with a new blog post format where the restrictions are not as many. In a different format, content writers have to room to introduce new ideas and remove old ones thereby bringing a fresh perspective to an old topic.


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Create Outlines for Long Content

Long content is very valuable for a company. For one, long content can explore various intricacies of a topic which short content simply does not. Some brands, in fact, don’t even invest time in short content and only create long blog posts.

The benefits of long content are many. Content marketers can target a variety of keywords in long-form posts, going into the depth of a topic and creating the perfect content narrative for the reader.

For long content, content marketers have to outline a given post to include key topics which have to be covered. Unlike short content which does not require any kind of planning, long content needs to be well outlined to be easy to read and understand.

Revitalize Old Content

Many digital marketers and content creators never go back to old content to see if it can be rewritten from a new perspective. Any piece of content is written from a given point of view. To bring more diversity in terms of content perspective, revitalizing old content is a great idea.

For example, if an old blog post details why social media marketing will replace email marketing, digital marketers can approach the topic from a different perspective and explain how email marketing is still valuable in the face of social media.

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