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Tips To Choose The Right Wedding Magician Sydney

Tips To Choose The Right Wedding Magician Sydney

Some magicians specialize in entertaining children, and this can be a great way to keep children occupied throughout the speeches. However, these performers tend to be a lot more readily available, and a bit of asking around will help you source good quality local children's entertainer at a reasonable price.

Similarly, some wedding magician Sydney specializes in stage presentations, but this sort of presentation is very rarely appropriate for a wedding, and the more ambient style of close-up magic is more generally suitable.

When to Use A Wedding Magician

Close-up magicians are usually used to provide entertainment at two different points on the wedding day. While wedding photographs are being taken, the first is after the ceremony when the magician hire can mingle with guests. Having the magician perform at this stage acts as an excellent ice-breaker and the drinks reception is also usually held at this point. This can then continue with the magician performing at the tables between the courses of the wedding breakfast up until the start of the speeches.

There is a lot of flexibility here and a magician experienced in wedding entertainment will be able to work in with your plans for the day, of course.

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Things to Consider When Using Magicians at A Wedding:

Two key traditional aspects of a wedding which should be considered when using wedding magician show Sydney are speeches and music.

Speeches: No matter how carefully you brief the best man and the father of the bride to keep it brief, often as not speeches will overrun! To avoid paying for the magician's waiting time, many people find it best to make the speeches a natural start or endpoint for the magic.

Music: The type of music you have planned, you will need to consider how your magician will fit in. To follow what is being said, magicians rely on people being able. Having the music at a lower level, having a separate "quiet zone" for the magician to work in, or a large room where one end will be quieter are the three things can help. But if the DJ or Band is expected to be louder, you will get better value for money by changing the timing to avoid a clash.

Where to Find A Magician:

Avoid using a local Yellow Pages or a similar directory to find a magician for your party. Magicians who perform for adult audiences are a rare breed, and while you may get lucky and find that you have a very good magician in your area, the chances are that you will wind up interviewing magicians who are part-time and have very little actual performing experience, or magicians who specialize in performing for children and have very little experience in entertaining adult audiences.

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References, References, References!

For any quotes from previous clients, cast a careful eye over. Are they from recognized and reputable UK companies and identifiable individuals, or could they just have been gathered from friends and family?

The ability to astonish should come as standard, but you also need to make sure the references show that the magician you book also has the personality to interact with your guests. Hire a Sydney magician who is entertaining and, moreover, enjoyable to be around, look for someone who is more than just astonishing.


With broad experience, plenty of positive references show that you're looking at a magician. It can be a good idea to hire a magician who has worked worldwide and, ideally, internationally because this usually shows a depth of experience.

Whether the magician is a full-time performer, you may also want to consider. While there are a number of very good part-timers who shouldn't be overlooked, the fact that a magician is a full-time performer will generally act as a good indicator of experience and ability.

Style and manner:

Consider what will work well for you. Some acts are based on poking fun at the audience, but, for a day of celebration like a wedding, consider whether it may be more appropriate to look for someone who creates fun for your guests and maintains a more relaxed atmosphere.

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