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Top 07 Best Android GPS Navigation Apps of 2019

Top 07 Best Android GPS Navigation Apps of 2019

Most of you have to use google maps and navigation systems. Google allows these services for every android device and easily on play store but there are lots of other apps for android with some extra features some of them have a very good and unique feature.

Most of the people use only google Maps app and don’t know about other apps here we create a list after testing hundreds of GPS navigation apps and we’ll share the top 10 GPS navigation application that is available on play store and you can easily download the app and use.

These apps are at the top of the play store and these apps have some extra features that very use full for everyone.

1: GPS navigation and street view

GPS Navigation - Maps, Driving Directions, and Traffic may be a free app to assist you to succeed in your destination. it's specially designed for mechanical man users having several helpful options e.g. directions, meter, maps, celebrated places on earth, and lots of additional. It offers you complete management to commute from anywhere whereas driving, options of this driving app square measure all free and straightforward to use. to save lots of time and use it higher this driving app helps you in some ways to navigate. GPS Navigation - Maps, Driving Directions, Traffic app acts on your voice commands and can navigate you to your required destination by providing all relevant info on maps. we've got the entire earth direction coated for you!


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2: HERE WeGo – City Navigation

HERE WeGo is an AN app that was once called Nokia HERE Maps, and it's nearly as good because it has ever been. the look of this app is nice, and also the app permits you to transfer whole countries so that you'll navigate them offline, and not consider net access. This app even offers you an opportunity to book a taxi, whereas over one hundred countries area unit mapped here. The app offers transportation data for over one,300 cities around the world, and that is solely a bit of what this app must provide.

3: GPS Coordinates

as most of you recognize, got nonheritable by Google a minute back, and this is often a superb answer for navigation. Waze can keep you wise on traffic, construction, police, crashes, and more, beat period Waze can adapt your path supported the road ahead so that you'll avoid traffic, as an example. This app additionally permits you to search out the most cost-effective offers on gas, and it comes with full automaton motor vehicle support.

4: Live Satellite View GPS Map Navigation system

it is a good choice for off-road navigation, just in case you wish a companion whereas hiking, or no matter else you are doing within the wild. This app can remodel your phone into a strong GPS tool, primarily. This app comes with a path recorder, and it will serve you as a fishing GPS yet. a similar is aforesaid for looking because it can assist you to realize a good looking blind, and your means back yet.


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5: GPS Navigation system- Map checker & Route Planner

GPS Navigation - Map locater & Route Planner may be a rather well-known navigation service still, that the majority of you have got detected of at some purpose. This app offers downloadable maps, offline routes, precise live traffic and speed camera alerts, and so on. Over one hundred fifty countries are mapped by TomTom, and therefore the app brings Advanced Lane steerage still. the look of the app is sort of purposeful, and you're obtaining 75km of free GPS navigation every month, whereas you'll be able to purchase a 1-month or 1-year subscription for unlimited kilometers.

6: GPS Navigation Maps Go & Earth Map Traffic Alert

MAPS. I am additionally a reasonably standard app for navigation, and it's quite sensible. you'll be able to use this app offline, whereas the service is free. you'll be able to use this app whereas driving, walking, or cycling, it's up to you. The app even helps you intend your trip, whereas their square measure many details listed in MAPS.ME maps. Maps square measure updated by voluminous OpenStreetMap contributors on a usual, thus everything ought to be fairly up-to-date.

7: Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

G Sygic may be a navigation app that is employed by over two hundred million drivers worldwide. Offline the 3D Maps area unit keep on your phone so that you'll be able to use the app offline moreover. Sygic updates its maps multiple times annually, and everything is free. Voice-guided navigation is out there here, whereas their area unit several POIs offered within the app. Pedestrian GPS navigation with walking directions and traveler attractions is additionally offered here, by the way. PS Navigation & Maps.

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