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Top 10 Frameworks That Are Ruling the PHP Development Services in 2019

Top 10 Frameworks That Are Ruling the PHP Development Services in 2019

The Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is one of the most popular programming languages used across the world. It is an open source, platform independent & easy to understand and use programming language making it easier for PHP Company developers to deliver excellence in their web projects.

In fact, the maintenance and development cost of PHP Web Development Services are highly affordable and reasonable across the industry.
If you’re a business owner looking forward to launching your business online, you must know which PHP Framework would be cost-effective and effective for your business. You can ask your PHP Development Company to use these frameworks in your website development process.

List of 10Trending PHP Frameworks

1. Laravel

Among all other PHP frameworks, the Laravel framework is foremost choice of many PHP Companies.
From speeding up your PHP development services to automating the code management, this framework can get enormous of benefits in web development process.

2. Zend

This is one of the widely used frameworks in PHP Web Development Services which enables programmers to develop enterprise level apps while maintaining high reliability and performance.

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3. Phalcon

Phalcon is an MVC based PHP Framework which can extensively boost the development speed of any PHP Web Development Company.
If you compare this framework with others, you’ll realize that the features available with this framework are hard to find in any other.

From processing your HTTP Requests in million seconds to reducing up code size for loading the website faster and quicker, this framework has become the #1 choice of many PHP Company Developers.

4. Symfony

While providing an easy and comprehensive documentation, high-performability, interactive modular project models and maintaining the high-end stability and reliability, this PHP Framework Symfony is the ruling hearts of PHP Web Developers throughout the world.

The organizations & projects like BBC & Drupal are also using Symfony frameworks.

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5. Codeigniter

The is the lightest weight framework in PHP Development Services. Used by one of the leading PHP Development Companies, it ensures developers to create website or apps that seamlessly run at a higher speed.

It supports wide range of libraries making the documentation and development process much easier.

6. CakePHP

For fast and rapid development of web app and structures, you can count on this PHP Development Framework used by many PHP Companies in the world.

It offers the code generation functionalities, so whichever app is developed by CakePHP Framework are faster than any other applications.

7. Phpixie

This is one of the recently released frameworks in PHP. Phpixie is the most unique and modular framework than can reduce your application size to ensure it loads and works more smoothly and speedly.

The Phpixie PHP Framework comes within a wide range of development tools that are used to provide outstanding security and support to your web app and structure.

To know more about the latest and most useful PHP Frameworks, you can talk with the experts at world’s leading PHP Development Company, Vega Technologies.

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