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Tumblr Accounts For Sale: Experience The Exceptional Insights To Business Growth

Tumblr Accounts For Sale: Experience The Exceptional Insights To Business Growth

Although the increasing number of social media sites may already overwhelm you, a free Tumblr microblogging platform can be the most effective way to raise awareness of our brand. Established by David Karp in 2007, Tumblr is used to post and share images, videos, audio and a short writing blog as well as social network.

Tumblr is somewhat like Facebook in this context, but it has only few advantages. Tumblr forums, for instance, can be accessed directly via the Internet, while only users can access Twitter content. It means that search engines index Tumblr content and can increase your search visibility. Tumblr is also one of the most mobile-friendly and offer many free and premium blog layouts. You may incorporate Tumblr posts into your Facebook schedule after get tumblr accounts for sale. 

Tumblr estimates that it hosts almost 65 million blogs, with almost 17 billion page views per month. With respect to dedication, Tumblr is only second to Facebook in terms of the average time that users spend on the website. Tumblr is therefore a great match for your company? As per comScore, 50 million Tumblr users are 25 or younger, according to the web analytics company. So it should be worth a shot if your company is targeting the youth market. However, even if young people aren't your key market, it is worth experimenting with Tumblr's search visibility advantages and mobile friendliness.

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Get Your Feet Up

If you are familiar with traditional blogging tools such as WordPress, Tumblr may first feel restricted, particularly if you try to publish longer posts. There are also its own peculiarities to "like" and share content. Once you set up your Tumblr account, you can have your first Tumblr blog. This is your main page, so deleting it is somewhat difficult. So use it carefully and choose a name based on your personal, company or brand name. Some online resources enable you to learn some of the knowledge on using your Tumblr blog and using it. A site known as Unnecessary Ligatures posted a useful starting kit recently. Tumblr also offers a logical client tip guide.

Listening and curating is crucial to your followers engagement in any social media. You can see who publishes the most important, popular or engaging items on your business or business subjects and track them. Tumblr is available for information about you or your business.

Take a few minutes each day to "like" or reply to Tumblr posts from other people. Also, share their posts (called "reblogging" on Tumblr), which will put them on your Tumblr blog with attribution. And experiment with posting different types of content: links to interesting stuff you find online, your own photos or videos, brief written observations or tips, and more.

Aim to reblog others' posts -- or create your own new posts -- three to five items per day, three to five days per week. That may sound like a lot, but posting can be fast and simple.

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Install Tumblr tools to make posting easy from anywhere

On your computer, install the Tumblr "bookmarklet" in your Web browser. Then, you can click the Tumblr button in your browser toolbar to quickly create a Tumblr post about any Web page you view, without having to log in to Tumblr or copy or paste anything. Also, install Tumblr's mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. Then, Tumblr will automatically show up as an option whenever you select "share" from any content item in most other apps, such as YouTube, your mobile Web browser or your photo gallery.

If you use the popular photo-sharing service Instagram, configure it so that you can easily cross-post photos from there to your Tumblr blog.

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A key way that Tumblr users discover each other is by the tags they append to posts. For instance, an architect in Boulder, Colo., migth want to track the tags "Boulder," "Colorado," "architecture" and "home building" -- as well as perhaps "green design," "sustainability," "energy efficiency" and other specialty topics.

Pay attention to the tags used on the most popular Tumblr posts for topics that interest you. You can save those searches ("tracking" those tags) so you can easily see the latest posts, even if you don't follow those users. Where relevant, tag your posts using those same tags. This can make it easy for others who are already tracking those tags to discover your posts. Taking a few moments to tag each Tumblr post may seem tedious, but this can help expand your network quickly.

Get more advanced

Tumblr offers other useful features, such as monitoring and analyzing traffic to your Tumblr blog with Google Analytics. Also, you can apply a custom domain name to a Tumblr blog, meaning you can use Tumblr as the primary website or blog for your business. Using a custom domain name can improve the search visibility of your Tumblr blog. If you have an existing website that isn't easy for mobile users to load or navigate and you don't have the resources or time to optimize your site for mobile visitors, consider using a Tumblr blog as a special digital presence that will serve your mobile visitors well.

Tumblr doesn't directly support commenting, but you can easily add this feature by integrating the free tool Disqus.

You can also create as many Tumblr blogs from Bulk Accounts. as you like. If you're involved in an event, such as a film festival or conference, or if you want to build awareness of a timely topic, you can create a special-purpose Tumblr blog that you add content to for a limited time. After its moment has passed, you can either delete that blog or let it remain online as a record.

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