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Understanding about IVF with donor eggs post menopause

Understanding about IVF with donor eggs post menopause

Is it possible to get pregnant after menopause? Nowadays the number of women having babies after their 30s and 40s increasing however many women assume that after menopause they can’t get pregnant, but this is not true having irregular periods does not mean that you cannot get pregnant. Though you may be less fertile, you have not officially reached menopause until you have passed at least one year without periods. After you reach menopause, you cannot get pregnant naturally as your ovaries do not release any more eggs. In women, this occurs at the age of 40 to 55. 

How common is pregnancy postmenopause?

In several cases, when you delay your pregnancy to pursue your career or else higher education post-menopausal pregnancy is if possible with donor eggs with IVF. As per recent studies, about 40 percent career-minded their pregnancies, and then they get pregnant via IVF with donor egg for post-menopause. However, there are two ways to get pregnant postmenopause :

  • Pregnancy with there own eggs 

Some Postmenstrual women use their eggs to become pregnant through IVF, but it can be a risky way as it raises the risk of congenital disabilities along with others. The quality of their eggs declines as women ages and getting pregnant with their own eggs post menopause is not a good option. It increases the risk of miscarriage or Down syndrome.

Women getting pregnant via IVF with donor egg is the best option and also minimizes the risk of any defects. It is said to be the sensible option as donors are tested for genetic as well as infectious diseases and so it reduces any risks. 

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Process of IVF with donor egg for post menopause

The IVF with Donor Egg for Post Menopause in India starts with preparing the uterus to accept an embryo which is the same as it is done in a woman with twenty or thirty years of age. For women who want to get pregnant after menopause, there is a uterine rejuvenation process that is done to prepare her womb for the embryo and to return it back to a healthy state. To get healthy child hormonal stimulation is very important as post menopause the uterus shrink to a third of that of its original size. In some cases, the endometrial lining so it is essential to get hormonal treatment before the IVF cycle to restore the size and thickness to support healthy pregnancy through donor eggs. 

List of Top Doctors For IVF with Donor Eggs Treatment in India

1. Dr. Nandita P. Palshetkar, Mumbai with 20 years of experience 

  • Most coveted Obstetrics & Gynaecology in India

  • Trained in IVF & Micromanipulation

  • Pioneered the assisted laser hatching in India

2. Dr. Sonia Malik, Gurgaon, with 33 years of experience

  • Most experienced as well as respected Obstetrics & Gynaecologist in India

  • Performed more than 15-20 IUI Cycles and 20-25 IVF Cycles per month

  • Holds Expertise in Advances in Assisted Reproductive Techniques i.e., IVF, ICSI, IMSI, Genital Tuberculosis, Premature Ovarian Failure, and Reproductive Endocrinology & Immunology

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3. Dr. Renu Misra, Gurgaon, with 22 years of experience

  • Leading Fertility Specialist in Delhi/NCR

  • Performed live surgery in several  workshops of endoscopic surgery along with  conferences in India 

  • Training in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (IVF and GIFT) 

4. Dr. Prochi Madon, Mumbai, with 19 years of experience

  • Was one of two representatives from Asia on ISCN

  • Introduced FISH which is considered a rapid diagnostic test in India for disorders counting infertility to cancer.

  • Her specialization includes Delayed puberty & hypogonadism, Congenital malformations, Cytogenetics, Infertility and recurrent miscarriages, PGD in embryos for translocations and inversions, Prenatal samples, and Products of conception

IVF with Donor Eggs Cost in India ranges between USD 4500 to USD 6000. However, it is recommended that a potential mother who wants to get pregnant via IVF with donor egg post menopause should bring her body to an absolute peak of wellness before the treatment starts. Surprisingly, the latest world record for the oldest woman to give birth to a child is at the age of 72. Thus, you can have a baby at any age now just you should ensure to have a strong support system for the child.

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