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Understanding the Difference Between Tungsten and Titanium Wedding Ring

Understanding the Difference Between Tungsten and Titanium Wedding Ring

One of the most amazing features of tungsten and titanium wedding rings is their amazing and impressive quality. No matter what is your style and preferences, these rings can match your requirements. If you are planning to buy a perfect wedding ring, then you can buy anyone from this.

With time, the demand for black tungsten wedding bands is increasing. The rings or bands will be a significant choice among people who know about jewelry. What amazing about tungsten bands is they are perfect for occasions like engagement and wedding. When it comes to uniqueness, you will not find any better option than titanium wedding bands for men. But the question here is, which one you should choose, tungsten or titanium wedding band? Here are some comparisons, which can help you in selecting the best one.

Comparison between titanium and tungsten wedding bands

There is no doubt that both the metals are treated as the model metal. At the initial stage, they were not so popular, but now things have changed a lot. However, if you have some confusions in choosing the perfect metal, then here are some points that you can consider. So, let’s get started with it.

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1. Level of hardness

Both the tungsten and titanium are famous for their level of hardness. For example, black tungsten wedding bands are much better than other traditional jewelry materials, like silver or gold. Remember that, it is not the metals which are in a pure form that possess the hardness; it is the alloys which make them hard. Frankly speaking, if you do a precise observation, tungsten is harder than titanium rings. The alloy only can be damaged by using a diamond.

2. Ductility

Some testes have proved that titanium wedding bands for men are much ductile than tungsten bands. In detail, when a band is under massive pressure, the titanium ring will get bent, but a tungsten ring will fracture into pieces. That doesn’t mean that you should not use titanium rings. Well, it depends on your usage. If you do manual works, then you should go for tungsten rings. They are safe.

3. Factor of hypoallergenic

Most of the people have this concern as some jewelry metals can cause various skin related issues. If you have sensitive skin, you should be very careful while buying jewelry. However, titanium jewelry is safe, and the metal doesn’t develop any skin issues. But some tungsten rings, especially, cobalt made tungsten bands can cause skin irritation. But if the ring has a nickel alloy, then it is safe to use. While buying, carefully check the alloy used in the ring.

4. Band’s weight

If compared, you will find titanium rings are much lighter than black tungsten wedding bands. They have a lower level of density. In general, titanium is around 40 to 45 percent lighter than steel metal. On the other side, tungsten is approximately 80 to 95 percent heavier than steel. So, you like a lightweight ring then go for titanium wedding bands for men.

5. Pricing of the metals

When it comes to price, you will find tungsten is quite costlier than titanium rings. The reason behind this is equipment and environment control required to craft the rings. Tungsten formed at 6000 Fahrenheit under a hydrogen environment. But titanium doesn’t require such an environment.

These are some of the significant comparison factors that you can consider while buying a tungsten and titanium wedding band. Both rings have some unique features. Consider your budget and requirement, and get a bet one for your wedding.

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