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Voicebot Or Chatbot: Which One To Choose For My Business?

Voicebot Or Chatbot: Which One To Choose For My Business?


Businesses today are more prone to challenges. Technologies like chatbot and voice bot definitely brought convenience in day to day life, simultaneously it brought challenges to companies offering chatbot development services. 

Developing an experience for users is a different challenge, and selecting a tech-solution for it is different. Among many tech-solutions specially crafted keeping in view the user's convenience, developing chatbot vs. voice bot is one such decision for which every company struggles with.

Here, it is imperative to understand that a solution or service should always build around the right medium that helps a company convey its voice easily. 

Developing a chatbot is a fairly new trend, but simply reacting to market hype is not a good idea. So, to help you decide between chatbot vs. voice bot, we are going to present the strengths and weaknesses of each option available.  

How To Select The Right App Development Company

Let's first understand them.

Chatbot: When we say chatbot, we mean a text-based bot. A user uses text, images, and videos to communicate, and it involves advanced UI elements such as Carousels, Quick Replies, and more to communicate with computer programs. 

Voicebot: Voicebot is also a conversational interface, but it uses voice as a mode of communication. Amazon's Echo and Google's Google Home are the biggest examples of this user-interface. 

Now understand the responsibilities of both the interface in day to day role:

Conveying Information – Text, Images or Other Media

There are multiple use-cases where a chatbot proved its worth over a voice bot. Voicebot may seem fancy, but scenarios like conveying information, for example, in eCommerce or shopping, using a chatbot, a user looks to multiple images, compare products, read details, or return policies for better understanding or more. 

Understand it through the second example, like food ordering. Chat-based UX is better than voice when it comes to selecting options from the available menu. The chatbot provides you carousels on the screen and provides quick replies. This way, you don't need to remember your choices. You can simply drop a message to a chatbot, and it can display the whole chat history in seconds. 

Now, if we talk about the feasible use-cases of voice bot, listening to music, search engine browsing and similar tasks make more sense to take voice assistance. 

Voice bots are a great help if the user's journey is linear as a human mind then doesn't need to function more or pay utmost attention to. 

Voice bots also make user journeys fast, for instance, having a verbal guide to fix an appliance than having a text-based user guide. 

The voice-based interface keeps a user handsfree. A user can ask for more additional detail pet steps, which is not possible with chat.

If you are thinking of bringing this digital transformation into your business, you must consult your requirements with chatbot experts of the chatbot development company

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