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Web Design Trends 2019

Web Design Trends 2019


Hello Everyone!! Hope all are doing well. We may hire web design agency or individual designers that may help to make our online presence more powerful and strong with modern web design trends. In this post we will define web design trends 2019 . In the last 10 years internet was grown very fast and changed their policies. So, we will presenting new web design trends which is useful for you. As exciting as all of this new technology has been where we optimize  and feel these changes is in we design trends.

Now the technology is advancement have led to websites becoming smarter. Designs trends pushed towards unlimited creativity  like:- bold color schemes and astmmetrical layouts, abandoning grids and traditional stock photos for vibrant illustration and etc.

In this article we will focus on trends that we have observed in web design field, which are3 useful to users in terms of providing inspiration for their daily projects. We have gathered many themes of social and technological nature like:- image search, machine learning with web technologies etc.

The concept of trends can be often be taken knowing and experimenting with the latest advancements leads to learning new techniques, acquiring more skills and using different styles in playful way as they appear and evolve.

Here we considerd top website design trends 2019 :-

Typography Layout

Typhography is always fundamental in design. Now we have a high level of freedom, expression and experimentation, typhography is taking its rightful place.  

it’s not so much about choosing fonts or their combinations, it’s the very use of “words” as the main element of the aesthetic, as well as the semantics. In a dominant way it is suffering due to the scarcity of fonts and problems with legibility and compatibility in the primitive days of web design. Now, there are font trends with lots of singularity. But it is not enough about choosing fonts or their combinations. It is the very use of “words” as the main element of the aesthetic, as well as the semantics. Now the words have a physical presence in design, a structural element which arounds the rest of composition flows.

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Thumb – friendly

Design overall is become increase thumb friendly. In the investigation in this area observe that how users hold their mobile phones and how their movements of thumb and finger. Particularly those of the thumb should be processed in the web design process. Now more users will encounter navigation inflexible to the thumb, such as the humburger menu moved to the bottom of their mobile screen.




Chatbot have been up and coming for a while now. But finally it  will move into spotlight in 2019. This is due to the advancements in AI and machine learning, making the, more efficient. Now in the latest trending the chatbots will be showing up more and more on the web pages with higher level of customization. Bright colors will make not only significant but more inviting.  We can also predict an flow friendly device to represent brands and give them a personable face.

Variable Fonts

Variable fonts doesn’t have enough support but it should be on list of skills to learn. It is the evolution of the open type font specification. By the using of CSS it is possible to access these variations and animate transitions between styles. Mostly we can animate the font in CSS, by composing or expanding it. But its other propertie will be decided by the font designer.

Bright and vibrant colours

Currently users are craving high contrast and vibrant colors. Now more than ever, companies are using bold bright and vibrant colors to better represent their company brand.

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Black-and-white slip of board

Colors is one of the most important part of website. If your website color design are attractive then your visitor automatically increase. The colors cultivates a moof, unifies a brand and guides users through an  interface by creating visual marks. For 2019 web design trending we are seeing daring black & white impressive statements.

Color is shown that how we see the world by light practicales being immersed. If color is missing, we begin to see the world differently texture and shapes become clear.

Natural, Organic Shapes

The web pages mostly set up for systematic grids, designers are convert it towards natural shapes and smooth lines. Some structures such as squares, rectangles and trangles with their sharp corners do create a sense of stability. But the trends of 2019 are more concerned with a feeling of accessibility and comfort because organic shapes are naturally imperfect. They can provide depth to a web design and makes page elements stand out. The main purpose is for web design to feel human and alive through the illusion of movements.

Minimalistic Asymmetrical Layouts

Minimalistic Asymmetrical Layouts is one of the best part of your web design tool kit.  It is an attention – grabbing technique that is interesting and amazing in looks. It can be dissembler to use. That is the main reason of designers stay away from completely asymmetrical projects. This is precisely why asymmetrical layouts are among the difficult design sytyles for execute.

Micro interactions

After the user experience it agrees that micro interaction play an important role in user engagement and their usability. Mostly micro interactions are used on clickable elements like buttons and navigation. The micro interactions are the success key of any great application. It’s meets the user’s natural desire for acknowledgment. Micro interactions improve the UX by making UI less machine and more human- centered.

Glitch art

No trends list would be complete without some form of design making its returned. Glitches are significant in our modern trends when computers are so comphrehensive. The breakdown of the latest technologies  makes for appealing subject matter both is an ideas or design. It can be draw where viewer’s eyed to those parts of the site that are wraped, double exposed. It is strange, futuristic  time we live in, and no one is quite it. The glitch art amplifies this feeling of dis-orientation by giving websites a explicity and clear look. Which can attract the eyes of people.

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