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What is ACL Reconstruction?

What is ACL Reconstruction?



Folks, if you are reading this article then you must be going through moderate ACL injury pain that is going to have ACL reconstruction injury. An ACL injury is one of the diseases that no one wants to go through but if you have ACL injury and you are going to have ACL reconstruction surgery then you are at the correct place because below in this article we are going to elaborate on you about ACL reconstruction and its circumstances.

As we all know that knee is one of the most essential body parts and it needs to be good for the life long for an easy life but if you are serious or moderate ACL injury then you should treat it surgery and in case you have mild ACL injury so you don’t have to go through surgery you can cure it with easy home remedies.

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About ACL injury

Before getting over on ACL reconstruction, first, we would like to elaborate on the concept of ACL injury. ACL stands for the anterior cruciate ligament. ACL is one of the ligaments present in your knee.  An ACL injury is referred to as the tear or stretching of the ACL ligament and we can also say that torn ACL is a common knee injury. As per the doctor's report, it was concluded that women 8 times more at risk of ACL injuries than men. In most cases, teenagers get involved with this injury because they are involved in organized sports.

Symptoms of ACL Injury

One of the most common and primary symptoms of an ACL injury is a popping noise. An individual with ACL injury may feel pain and swell with popping sound. Apart from these entire non-affecting symptoms affected person may not able to put weight on your leg.

Other ACL injury symptoms: -

Signs and symptoms of an ACL injury usually include:

A loud "pop" or a "popping" sensation in the knee

Severe pain and inability to continue the activity

Severe swelling

The problem is the range of motion

A feeling of instability or "giving way" with weight-bearing.

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Causes an ACL injury: -

There are several reasons for ACL injuries but it is can also be transmitted through genetic if someone has a history of any knee disease then it can happen with him or her. But there are some other reasons too which consist of the chances of ACL injuries: -

When you move or quickly stop or change directions.

If you stand quietly and take a sudden movement, like a jump or turn.

In can when you overstretch your knee joint.

If you have hit your knee in something hard that causes it to move let it away from the rest of your leg.

These all cases can happen when you do such things as skiing, playing soccer or football, or jumping on a trampoline.

ACL Injuries: -

When an individual having ACL injury then it might be a partial or full tear.  In case of partial ACL injury, only a single part of the ligament is torn. But in case of full tear, the ligament is torn in two pieces. In most of the cases, the ACL injuries occur in the middle of the ligament. And in some cases, the ligament is pulled completely off the thigh bone.

ACL Reconstruction: -

In case when you want to go through with ACL reconstruction then you might want to get aware of it. It is a surgery to reconstruct the ACL ligament in the middle of your knee. ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) joints with your shin bone (which is called the tibia) to your thigh bone (which is called femur).

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The procedure of ACL reconstruction: -

In most cases, doctors give general anesthesia to the patient right before surgery which will take you and this surgery asleep and pain-free. Depending upon the situation and individual other kinds of anesthesia can also be used before this surgery.

The surgeon will make a new tissue to replace your affected  ACL will come from your own body or a donor. In case tissue taken from your own body, it is called an autograft. And the most common place from where the doctor will take your body tissue is knee cap tendon or the hamstring tendon. And the tissue taken from any donor is known as an allograft.

During this treatment doctor will insert a tiny camera into the knee with a small surgical cut. And that camera is connected to a video monitor which will show the condition of the affected part, which helps the doctor to check the ACL ligaments and other tissues of your knee.

Your surgeon will fix the damage of ACL by following these steps:

Your torn or affected ligament will be removed with this treatment.

In case your surgeon uses your tissue to make your new ACL, then he or she may make a larger cut.

Your doctor will make a small tunnel in your bone to bring the new tissue and replace it at the same place as your old ACL.

Then the surgeon will attach the new ligament to the bone with tiny screws or other medical devices to hold it in a particular place.

In the end, your surgeon will stitch all of your cuts with sutures and then cover them with a dressing. Your doctor may also allow you to see the image after the surgery of the previous affected ACL and knee after the surgery.

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