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What should you know about custom CRM Software Development?

What should you know about custom CRM Software Development?

It’s easy to manage the stored data when your business is small, and the data is limited. You can store that data in just a few spreadsheets and text files. But things get complicated when you expand your business and your staff gets bigger. It gets technically impossible to manage the huge files and spreadsheets. In such a case, a customer relationship management system is a great relief. You can use them to boost your businesses processes or you can develop a new SaaS product.

There are many benefits of the CRM system, and few of them are:

  1. CRM system collects the information of all the customers from all the employees who had contact with them.
  2. All the collected information is stored properly and is shared between all the departments that manage the clients directly or indirectly.
  3. The CRM system brings collaboration between the departments and various teams.
  4. Anyone in the office can have the information of the customers easily.
  5. The automatic functionality saves time.
  6. Analyzing the data is easy with the CRM system.
  7.  Customer relationship management system provides insights about customer behaviour.


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How CRM system benefits other departments of a business?

A business has various departments, and almost all the departments are benefitted from the CRM system. However, the departments that are mostly affected by the CRM system are sales, customer support and marketing.


Sales calls are improved by centralized data storage. CRM system lets employees spent less time in searching the relevant information about the customer. CRM system also makes it easier to offer relevant offers and customer satisfaction.


CRM system makes data gathering easier, and when the data is stored in one place, it’s easier to categorize the customers according to age, demographics, gender, buying behaviour and shopping preferences. Categorizing the customers is important especially when you have different services and products to sell to your customers.

Customer support

Fast and efficient customer service is what is needed for a successful business. Having all the information at one place before interaction with the customers makes it easier to build an effective strategy. This makes it easier for the customer support team to deal with the issues. People love it when their issues are resolved quickly.


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Developing your own CRM system or purchasing a CRM system

For SaaS CRM service, you need to develop your own CRM system. However, if you want to keep things simple, you can buy a subscription of a CRM system from the company like Salesforce. There are few merits for developing a SaaS platform:

  1. It’s not cheap in the long term – The companies selling CRM system charge customers on a monthly basis which means you have to pay money as long as you use it and for as many employees who use it. The cost can be as high as $1,000 per year and that too, with limited functionality.
  2. It can be too complicated – Readymade CRM system is somehow customizable, but they are difficult to master and are cumbersome. Although the readymade CRM system comes with loaded features, they are very complicated which makes them difficult to use.

Types of CRM software:

CRM software is of three types:

  1. Analytical – Analytical CRM is mainly developed to collect the database from different sources and to analyze that data. With Analytical CRM system, the team can create better strategies and campaigns.
  2. Operational – Operational CRM system is focused on automation. It automates the customer management for e.g. it sends email to new customers which will save a lot of time for marketing teams. CRM system can also automatically send customer information related to their previous searches with the company. The operational CRM system can easily track the customer and start automated campaign management.
  3. Collaborative CRM – it focuses mainly on combined features of operational, analytical and collaborative CRMs. It includes interactions with customers, client tracking and communication tools etc. Before selecting any type of software, you should know what you want to accomplish with the software.

Developing a CRM system:

While building the CRM system, you should know which the critical features are and which the secondary features are. A CRM system capable of doing all the things is very heavy, and it needs a lot of processing power to work. Here are some features needed to build custom CRM software:

  1. Customer database – Database is the core of CRM system where all the information of the customers is stored. The data includes name, email address, phone numbers,   address, and social media pages. The system can be set to collect data from a variety of source automatically.
  2. Document storage and upload – A custom CRM system can easily connect you to the cloud storage, which prevents the managers from recording the information sent by the customers every time.
  3. Reports and Analytics – CRM software builds an automatic analysis of the data. A simple algorithm can draw graphs and diagrams after completing the automated analysis. Analytical tools allow the business holders to see the sales history and monitor the efficiency of each campaign.
  4. Automated Email Marketing – Email marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies which I capable of bringing the best results. Email marketing can be integrated into CRM software.
  5. Schedule functionality – Every manager having more than one customer should have a scheduling tool. You can integrate a calendar with your CRM system so that users can link their schedules with customer’s activities. Google calendar can be synced with the CRM system’s scheduling tool.

In today’s market, where the customer relationship is everything, CRM software can be the strong pillar to determine if the business succeeds or not. CRM system boosts the sales and marketing of a business. It optimizes the employees work by making things automated. If you want your business to succeed then hire dedicated developers India to develop a CRM system for your business. Things can improve remarkably when the CRM system is in place to handle your customer relationship related needs.

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