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What The Difference Between Decoration And Interioar Design

What The Difference Between Decoration And Interioar Design

The difference between interior engineering and interior design

Many people are unable to distinguish between the concepts of interior engineering and interior design, as we find many dictionaries and books that confuse these two concepts, excluding the existence of any little difference between them, and this confusion contributed to the printing of the wrong image in the mind Read about what interior design and interior design are.

Difference in concept

Interior design is concerned with everything related to human behavior and interaction within the place, while the interior design is concerned with the distribution of furniture in the place and beautify it with the use of innovative and new creative elements, and the profession of interior design is known to include multiple aspects, where it depends on the implementation of technical solutions inside the buildings in line with the objectives of the project With the application of all methods, researches and analyzes that help in creating an organized internal environment and achieve a comfortable home lifestyle,

the interior design is defined as an art that takes care of the aesthetic aspect of the building and the construction capabilities of the building materials and their age, and determine the shape and the most suitable place Pieces of furniture taking into account the size of sports and the ratio of the pattern of construction.

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The Difference In Terms Of Field Of Work

The interior designer can perform the tasks of interior designer, but the interior designer cannot perform the tasks of interior designer, due to the scientific methodology in which the interior designer was trained, which enables him to design and build places in specific forms using building tools that contribute to preservation This methodology acquires the basic skills of communication through linguistic and visual means, the ability to find immediate solutions to the functional problems of the place.

The ability to study and analyze new information and data before it, and the ability to execute projects. Taking into account the aesthetic and creative aspects. The interior architect trains how to finish these projects, select and distribute the furniture to the interior in a realistic way, and facilitate the movement and living of the human inside with the preservation of the aesthetic aspect.

Examples of the work of interior engineer and interior designer

  • Finishing the walls: The interior designer works to study the durability of the finishing materials and their ability to endure, in addition to their acoustic properties and ease of cleaning and ability to prevent the spread of fire, while the interior decorator will choose the colors, texture and style of finishing materials.
  • Bathrooms: The interior designer draws drawings that determine the distribution of the bathroom kit, taking into account the separation between the elements of the bathroom kit with appropriate distances in order to facilitate movement within the bathroom, and selects the optimal and safe bathroom set in terms of use, while the interior designer is working on the selection of bathroom sets from Aesthetic perspective.
  • Covering the windows: the interior designer determines the optimal shape of the curtain to allow the passage of the sun into the room, in addition to attention to the element of privacy and safety, while the decorator is working to choose the colors of the curtains and feel and the quality of fabric and design to suit the rest of the furniture of the room. And Lantern Decor Ideas too is a interior designer responsibilty.

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