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Why T-Nagar is renowned for school shopping?

Why T-Nagar is renowned for school shopping?

Eventually, the Ramzan Festival Celebrations are over. We could able to see heaps and bundles of wishes like "Eid Mubarak", "Happy Ramzan", "Eid-Ul-Fitr", etc. in the whats up messages and facebook postings. Twitter hashtags and Insta pics were charged with Biryanis and Chicken leg pieces concurrently.

Friends who have not called for a long time, don't even reply to the chats, called their Muslim friend on Ramzan day only for Biryani. Some people started hunting for Muslim friends in their list of mobile contacts. This might be the result of Social media conversations and movie scenes. They would have directed many to biryani and made the trend of demanding Muslim friends for Biryani on Ramzan day.

Millions of kilograms from meat and rice were used in India on Ramzan day, a study unveils. Retail markets and readymade stores were entirely crowded for the past one month owing to Ramzan. The primary duty of the Ramzan festival is to offer something to the poor/needy, making a joyful festival occasion for all.

The second objective of the festival is to praise God for presenting a guideline book, the holy Quran. Fasting during Ramzan month is further to understand the difficulty of the underprivileged and also as a grateful note to god in return.

A chief haji from one of the renowned mosques requests the youngsters that they shouldn't drink on this holy day. He also advises not to involve in rash driving and make much noise. Instead, they can donate, share biryani meal with friends & relatives and worship God, he adds. 

So, what next? Kids have started bucking since schools have re-opened. Dads would be diligent in the allocation of funds for the school fees and Moms would have begun hunting books and school uniform shops. T-Nagar is the high-grade preference for school uniform and stationary shopping. Have a deep breath. Stay eased for some time @ JJS Park Inn guest house. Make your shopping adventure light and comfortable.

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