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Why This Startup Was The Chosen One To Visit Silicon Valley with PM Modi

Why This Startup Was The Chosen One To Visit Silicon Valley with PM Modi

Scarcely a year old startup, Leaf Wearables has had the option to make some buzz in the nation. The reason could be either savvy wellbeing wearable gadget, SAFER on one side and late subsidizing of $250,000 verified from prepared financial specialists on the opposite side. 

Established by five IIT Delhi graduates, Avinash Bansal, Ayush Banka, Chiraag Kapil, Manik Mehta, and Paras Batra – when they were still in school a year ago, Leaf Wearable is moving toward the wellbeing of ladies carefully. They have built up a shrewd security wearable gadget, SAFER, an adornments inserted application which can be utilized to trigger alert and send sign to pre-distinguished telephone numbers if there should arise an occurrence of crisis. 

The startup was the divinely selected individual among the best 10 inventive new companies in India by Department of Science and Technology who went with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his visit to Silicon Valley to partake in first India-U.S. Startup Konnect. 

Business person India made up for lost time with Chiraag Kapil, Director, BD and Co-organizer, Leaf Wearables and discussed the advancement they brought through innovation, the client's reaction and how could they figure out how to pick up the PM Modi consideration. 

What was it that pulled in the financial specialists to your business? 

The financial specialists' trust for us, the group of five Co-originators, Avinash Bansal, Ayush Banka, Manik Mehta, Paras Batra including me urged them to put resources into Leaf. The sheer cooperative energy and holding between the Co-authors was the helper. Besides, our vision of protected and associated world and abilities in the equipment, structure and programming expedited the correct arrangement of speculators board. 

What has been your greatest test up until this point? 

The greatest test I have confronted was the vulnerability that wrapped the equipment advancement. Regardless I put immense aggregates of our got a good deal on equipment prototyping and its prompt disappointment before long, which not just squandered enormous wholes of individual budgetary speculation yet additionally made us start sans preparation. On the off chance that I examine the circumstance today, starting from the starting point made all the change. 

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My own style of tending to difficulties is by method for a 'lockdown'. At the point when the organization faces dangers or perils, I ensure we as a whole go under lockdown and don't leave the room until we have an answer. This clearly pursues solid dialogs and a great deal of conceptualizing with different cases development. 

Since yours is a startup, how's the workplace culture going along? What number of individuals do you have in your group? 

We have a group of 11 individuals (ten people and a pet canine named 'Google'; he's named after the internet searcher since he is exceptionally effective in scanning for things). We have faith in cooperating and remaining concentrated on improving our final result. We buckle down and party hard, from supper trips to table tennis match-ups, to appreciating music and everything that characterizes us as a group. 

What has been the high point for the business? 

Leaf Wearables was picked among the best 10 imaginative new businesses in India by Department of Science and Technology. We went with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his visit to Silicon Valley to take part in first India-US Startup Konnect (September 2015). 

Independently, consistently accompanies numerous a-ha minutes in our business. It is continually astounding to perceive how and in what ways individuals utilize your items. The bits of knowledge consistently keep us pondering and needing to further improve our item. For example, when we chose to install our innovation into every day wearable gems and pendants and the acknowledgment that we would need to make it secluded so individuals can supplant it and place it in various adornments freely and make it genuinely wearable. That was surely a high purpose of my voyage and for the business. 

What are your tentative arrangements? 

We work to take care of the issue of security emergency around us and enhance to make this world a more secure spot to live, learn and work in. We are set for make 1 million families SAFER by 2017.

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