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Wikipedia- One of the Greatest Content Marketing Platforms

Wikipedia- One of the Greatest Content Marketing Platforms

Who in this world does not have an idea about Wikipedia? We all surely have the idea about it but possibly all of us has known this website just because we wanted to reach to some topic or subject. We wanted to get some information and this was where we came to know about this platform. The website is one of the most visited websites in the world and to be exact it is the fifth most visited website with a reach of around 50 million people in the world and this was a fact that made marketers be interested to reach out for this website. But this was not the only thing that made them interested and not the only thing that contributed to making it one of the best content marketing platforms in the world. Here we have mentioned the best features and benefits of Wikipedia being a great marketing platform.

  1. Increased Reach

As already mentioned one of the greatest benefits that were also the reason that made people think about Wikipedia as a content marketing platform. It is the fifth most visited website with around 50 million regular visits. This is where we content marketers at first became interested. Moreover, now they can access to any region in the world with just a single platform which is why it has been considered as a great content marketing platform.

  1. You Can Track Your Page Activities

Well, unlike many of the other content marketing platforms at Wikipedia you don’t just create a page and do nothing with it but at Wikipedia, you can access all of your page activities. These activities include tracking how many people have visited your page, from where they have visited it and such other things. These details could be used for further strategies and marketing campaigns. You can use Wikipedia for your entire plan.

  1. You Can Update It Whenever You Want

Well, Wikipedia allows edits to be made on the platform and that is one of the greatest things that this platform has to offer. You can update your page whenever you want and it can keep your target market updated about your business and everything in that course. If you think you are unable to edit it there are professional Wikipedia editors who can do it for you and can make the contemplations on bringing the best benefits of this features to be used for the content marketing of your brand.

  1. It is Cost-Effective

Well, then again a benefit that is not offered by most of the content marketing platforms. Costs are an important part of marketing and thus the costs are to be looked in every step of the same. Unlike most of the content marketing platform Wikipedia does not charge anything which is a keen point of attraction for many of the content marketers. This is why people easily get to a Wikipedia page.

  1. Anyone Can Make It

Well, it is not hard to manage as a platform and anyone can have access to it. This is a great benefit that content marketers have got to in this platform. The Wikipedia is open to everyone and it does not have anything with the identity or other factors of any individual making the page. It just requires the content to be according to the guidelines and requirements. Easy to make and access is another benefit that could not be listed out from this blog surely.

These are the few benefits of Wikipedia as a platform making people consider it for their content marketing but one thing to be mentioned here is that it could also be used for awareness creation purposes as promotional content is strictly not allowed on this platform.

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